In the words of Charter member, Audrey Haugen, "During the last part of May 1985, Cascade Road Church disbanded. Many of its members had already left and started new churches in Peachtree City, Douglasville and Smyrna. About 30 people lived on the south side of Atlanta and realized the need for a church of their own. Fayette SDA Church was organized on July 26, 1985. We sacrificed, saved and borrowed a bit at a time to build this church. In April of 1988, the church voted to purchase an eight acre tract of land on New Hope Road in Fayette, County.

The church went up with faith, prayer, and more sacrifice." In January, 1991, Fayette church drew up plans for a building and on May 5, 1991, the Church voted to submit the plans to the Georgia-Cumberland Conference. The proposed facility was 8274 square feet and would seat180 people.

On September 13, 1992, a business meeting of Fayette members voted to accept a bid to have the church built, and on September 17, the Conference approved the project. Fayette County granted a land disturbance permit on September 25, and ground-breaking was set for October 4, 1992.

"On October 1, 1994, we moved into our new church. It fulfilled every expectation. There were so few of us at first. How hard we prayed for more.

We were so happy to have a number of people from Southside join our church, and soon others found their way here," said Audrey Haugen.

Membership continued to increase to such an extent that there wasn't enough space for all the activities. Therefore, another building was needed to accommodate the growing needs of the church. With Church Business meetings,approvals, Fayette County permits, and Conference acceptance, an additional structure was built. On October 24, 2009, the Fayette Multi-purpose Facility grand opening ceremony was held.

Our church membership continues to grow, and in January 2010, with over 300 members, we went from one worship service to two worship services each Sabbath. God continues to bless Fayette Church.

Audrey Haugen couldn't have stated it better when she said, "Matthew 16:18 says, 'Upon this rock, I will build my church...' May God bless each member and each future member, and grant that each one of us will be endowed with His character of love, faith, generosity, and a spirit of helpfulness."

Compiled by: Administrative Assistant.

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